Welcome to PT. Lintas Megantara

Established on the 14th October 2011 as a local Papua Barat ground handling company at first, now PT. Lintas Megantara offer all in one complete package service for Bandara DEO Sorong Airport (SOQ), Ground Handling Service for Sultan Hassanudin Makassar Airport (UPG), Ground Handling Service for Sam Ratulangi Manado Airport (MDC), and Catering Service for Bandar Udara Internasional Dortheys Hiyo Eluay(DJJ).

Our Main Services

Ground Handling

PT. Lintas Megantara is experienced in the handling all types of aircrafts; commercial aircraft, cargo aircraft, private jets and corporate as well as VVIP flights for heads of state.

Inflight Catering

Serving inflight catering with certified equipment and personnel, Lintas Megantara Inflight Catering Service has a vision to serve the highest quality by prioritizing safety and professionalism.

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DEO Airport Warehouse

Serving with licensed personnel in Dangerous Goods, Basic Cargo and Live Animal handler.

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